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The Mind is thought to exist both within and beyond the brain.  As a topic of study and contemplation, it has received much attention from philosophers and scientists throughout the ages.  It is the connective "mid-point" between Body and Spirit.   This section includes articles from various schools of thought and about processes for working in the "mind field."

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 Acupuncture     Aikido     Affirmations     Alchemy     Alpha States     Altered States     Altruism     Animal Communications   Anubis     Archetypes     Aroma Therapy     Astral Plane     Astral Projection     Astrology     Attitudinal Healing     Attunement   Bi-Causality     Binaural Beats     Biofeedback     Bionetics     Biorhythms     Boolean Logic     Brainwave Entrainment   

Brain (Cognitive) Science     Cartomancy     Channeling     Clairvoyance     Cognitive Behavior Therapy     Consciousness   Cooperation     Aliester Crowley     Deja Vu     Destiny     Divination     Divine Intuition     Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)     The Ego     Entangled Minds     Esotericism     ESP     Ethics     The Flower of Life     Foundations of Mind   Frequencies     Global Coherence     Gestalt Therapy     Gnosticism     Goal Setting     Gratitude     Happiness Index   HeartMath     The Holographic Universe     The Human Design System     Humility​     Hypnosis     Inspiration     Intuition  

The Law of Attraction     Lucid Dreaming     Mandala     The Mandela Effect     Maitreya     The Many Worlds Theory   

Maslow's Needs Hierarchy     Maya     Mediumship     Metaphysics     Mind Control     Mindfulness      Neuroscience   Neurotheology     Non-Duality     The Now     Numerology     The Occult     Oracles     Palm Reading     Panpsychism  

Parallel Universes     Parapsychology     Perception     Placebo Effect     Pleiadians     ​Positivism     Precognition                          Perception     PSI     Psychism     Psycho-Energetics     Psychosynthesis     Quantum Jumps     Quantum Logic   Quantum Mechanics     Quantum Superposition     RA     The Raelian Movement     Reiki     Remote Viewing  

Resonance Repatterning     Righteous Mind     Sacred Geometry     Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR)      Secret Societies   The Self     Shiatsu     Zechariah Sitchin     Sleep Learning     Soul Survival     Sound Healing     Stoicism     Structured Thinking   The Subconscious     Subconscious Beliefs     Subliminals     Sufism     Synchronicity     Taoism     The TAO     The Tarot  

Teachers of The Universal Mind     The Universal Mind     Telepathy     The Thought Dial     Transcendental Meditation (TM)   The Tree of Life     Unity Consciousness     The Upanishads     Van Daniken     The Vedas     Vedic Astrology     Visualization   Wisdom     Witchcraft