The Magic Compass
Isaac George

“Welcome to the new normal!”  This was a favorite quip of a friend of mine that I first heard after my kundalini awakening got under way in the spring and summer of 1994.  Such a prophetic and timeless phrase, and perfect for these timeless times as well.  What is the “new normal?”  Well, that depends on the day of the week now, as it is ever –changing.

For my part, I’ve been inside of one of my ‘transformational’ episodes.  And I recently had a birthday.   No, it doesn’t matter which one, but I do find it had significant astrology backing me up.  The Jupiter-Venus conjunction in the evening skies, which has gotten a lot of attention in social media and elsewhere, was happening right on my birthday (June 30th).  The Sun is a wake-up call, shining a light on things.  The Moon is a reflective thing, uncovering the shadows.  The Jupiter-Venus thing is like a hot date with loads of heart energy.  Well, I’m ready to rock and roll I reckon… but what shall my heading be?  With Mars next to my Sun’s degree, and Pluto and the Moon all cosy over in Capricorn, and all of it squaring the Moon’s Nodes… I feel, well, a bit like a pirate heading out on a new adventure.

I sure would like to have Captain Jack Sparrow’s magic compass.  Oh yes, mateys, THAT compass!  Savvy?

You see, I’m a movie buff.  I feel movies contain messages, as do books and fine art and music.  Poetry has loads of messages… amazing stuff.   But movies are quite my favorite art form for a number of reasons.  In any case, the compass in this particular set of films symbolizes something each and every one of us deals with.  Those “somethings” are Desire and Choice.

Ahh, desire.   According to the Buddha, it is the cause of all suffering and pain in the human condition. this constant craving that K.D.Lang sings about, the unrequited hunger that is the fuel for the ego’s ambitions.  But without the Desire, there wouldn’t even be an “us,” or a Universe, or even this planet.  The nature of Desire had to come from somewhere and from something, don’t you think?

Here’s another way to look at it.  Instincts are what the animals have, and we have them too.  Over thousands of years we’ve tried to repress or suppress them, tried to civilize ourselves.  In the process we’ve trained ourselves not to trust our instinctual natures, and this has probably led to all sorts of psychological issues…and the burying of them en masse.  Clinical psychology began as a way to understand primal urges and delve into the first layers of the subconscious mind.  As a science, it’s still in its infancy.  The latest findings in neurobiology is showing us that our conscious minds aren’t as all powerful as we have previously imagined, and the subconscious and the superconscious levels are at the root of our decision-making processes.  Even our interpretation of the external environment affects us in more ways than we realize.  For more information, read these recently published articles: and

Where I’m going with all of this is that, in order to desire and actualize a new world, a New Earth if you will, we may have to alter our spiritual rules and perspectives about what our humanness is all about, and what our role within the framework of Nature might be.  Curiosity helps, as does a willingness to jettison belief systems that are now an encumbrance rather than an asset.  We need a new magic compass.  We need to become the “Pirates of Consciousness,” willing to sail intrepidly into the unknown.  This Compass is our intuition and instinct, and by merging consciously with it we return to the proverbial primordial state, but wide awake this time.  To do this, our compass needs to be guided by our intelligent empathy, not the old “business as usual” left-brain drive and planning.

A friend and fellow stargazer refers to this potential new way of being as “Yintegrity.”  His perspective is that our new sense of needing community (Age of Aquarius) needs to be balanced with our emerging “Yindependence;” the valuing of self for Self’s sake.  This cannot be realized as a naturally empowered state at the expense or cost of isolating ourselves from each other, Nature, or the wider Cosmos.  It is a huge shift from competition to cooperation.  The past on this planet has been all about power games… who has the most energy and how do I get some of that?  That’s rather parasitic in practice and a no-win for everyone concerned.  It’s what keeps the “Karmageddon” game going.

Hey, back to the cinema for a moment.  On my birthday I saw a new flick entitled Tomorrowland.  This film is a must-see, I feel, because it encapsulates all of the great problems and crises we currently face, and addresses how it is useless to become aware of our problems and go into despair and dystopian outcomes.  In the story we see the optimist balanced against the pessimist within all of us, and in a classic twist of the old “end of the world as we know it” genre, provides some novel perspectives of how we can and should change our current trajectory.  As the age old adage goes, if you don’t change your direction, you’ll end up where you’re headed.

Tomorrowland aptly demonstrates the power of the individual (Yintegrity + Yindependence) when coupled with the community at large, creating interdependence and mutual benefit.  This was most uplifting for me when I saw it because, although we all need to feel powerful and sovereign as individuals, we also have a need to share that power and our gifts with those around us if we are to have any meaning and purpose to our lives.

Power is such an issue these days isn’t it?  I feel that our current concept of power is driven by fear, not Love.  We feel we need to reclaim our power over our experience, or from others, and yet, when I look up into the vastness of the Cosmos, I feel that we don’t really understand the ramifications of what power is really about, or where it resides truthfully.   I mean, really, we are all part of one power, one Life.  You can’t “own” your power, because ultimately, you can’t own anything.  This doesn’t mean you are owned by anything either, unless you allow yourself to be.

Perhaps we will discover the true nature of power in a similar way to the Jedi philosophy from the Star Wars films.  In that tradition (thanks, George Lucas), the Force is a universal, cooperative, intelligent and benign energy that emanates throughout all of Creation as it creates it.  A Jedi merely learns or remembers to align with it, and then as he or she comes to direct it, it is symbiotically directing the individual too.  The distinction between doer and deed blurs until there is a seamless flow of unity between cause and effect, problem and solution.   It is a spiral of evolution through cooperation, not entropy through competition and predation.

Recently someone sent some channelled information about the current conditions on our planet, and that, unless there is a big shift soon, we’re essentially out of time and luck.  While there was an exhortation offered to engage in a positive thought process at a particular time and day in the near future, I feel that just meditating about a solution, or attempting to transcend the issues, doesn’t really cut it any longer.  I used to think this stuff mattered and worked, and now I don’t think it so.  If our intentions aren’t actionable, and translatable into something tangible, it’s like wishful thinking That will garner wishful results… in other words, not much really changes.

Time we took our blinkers off and took a good hard look at our belief systems and see if they’re really useful any longer.  If we keep doing the same thing over and over again in the hopes that something will change, and so far I don’t see how it’s really been changing things that much, then that is insanity.  (Click here for the truth of where that phrase actually came from) Positive thinking is just one component, and it will take a whole lot more than just that to shift the river into a new course.  Remember, our power and our decision-making processes are still barely conscious!

How does Captian Jack’s Magic Compass figure into my theme?  Well, if we are truly inheritors of limitless potential, and we align with our truest nature and desire, then our “compass” – the guidance system at the core of our heart and Soul, will always point us towards the highest experience and outcome that is possible.  A win-win for all concerned, as it were.  When we follow our spirit, like Captain Jack Sparrow does, then we align with The Force, and therefore can cooperate with a power that is far greater than any single individual.  When we engage and utilize this power to uplift others, find solutions and to discover what we haven’t yet dreamed of discovering, then truly, anything becomes possible.   If everyone aligns with their Spirit, Soul and Heart, then… what might happen?

Yo ho, me hearties!

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